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The term “traditional” covers a whole range of advertising mediums. The three main items are television, radio, and print. Within those segments there is cable, broadcast, subscription, newspaper, billboards (also known as outdoor) and direct mail. Nichols Media has successfully implemented all of these means to help clients promote their message.


If you aren’t using the digital platform to promote your business, you are probably missing the lion share of today’s market potential. It can be intimidating, so why not use the expertise Nichols Media has gained in doing 1000’s of digital campaigns. Whether it is website development, SEO, SEM, Google Ad Words, or analytics, we have the experience to manage your digital marketing.

Social Media

Social media is the fastest growing area in the marketing realm. It seems every day that a new channel opens up for this. Which ones do you pick? Where do you put your money? What messaging do I use to create traffic to my business? Nichols Media stays up with the trends and can help you manage the ongoing interaction this medium requires.


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What you say and who you say it to…might make you money

We have a Monday morning sales and marketing meeting each week.  I assume we are not unlike most businesses out there. Typically we talk about what sales are on the horizon and what our plans are to develop more business. Today the conversation went a little differently than usual.  We got into a lengthy conversation […]

Photo of Hunting Dog with Pheasant

How Hunting Can Help the Auto Dealer

What is the old phrase? Change is inevitable? No one has to talk to too many dealers to find out they know there have been massive changes in the past 5 years. Probably the greatest change is how they get their message out to the buyer and what do they do to attract that customer. […]

Pirate map used to represent "site mapping".

Website Maping

In an effort to improve our SEO for the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), I have been doing a good deal of research about what it takes to improve in the eyes (ie: metacrawlers) of these companies. One item that was mentioned was site mapping. In fact I had done nothing to create a […]

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