Pirate map used to represent "site mapping".

Website Maping

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In an effort to improve our SEO for the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), I have been doing a good deal of research about what it takes to improve in the eyes (ie: metacrawlers) of these companies. One item that was mentioned was site mapping. In fact I had done nothing to create a […]

Digital Video Cameraman

Creating a Great Video Ad

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The thought often comes across my mind, “what makes a good TV ad”?  Obviously, it is a combination of things, but what are those “things”?  I am not sure a lot of people could nail down the right ingredients.  With this in mind I set about searching the sea of data out there to find […]

Group of people sitting around a table and making a deal

Choosing the Right Agency

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The Mad Men days are over. Today, it’s not just New York Madison Avenue agencies dominating the advertising world anymore—there are thousands out there. From two-person boutique agencies to mega-agencies with offices scattered around the globe, and all with their own specialties and strengths, the options can be overwhelming. With so many fish in the […]