What you say and who you say it to…might make you money

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We have a Monday morning sales and marketing meeting each week.  I assume we are not unlike most businesses out there. Typically we talk about what sales are on the horizon and what our plans are to develop more business. Today the conversation went a little differently than usual.  We got into a lengthy conversation about what direction marketing and advertising is taking and how quickly it is all occurring.

It appears to me that a lot of retailers are stuck in that “we have always done it this way and been successful” routine. I am here to tell you, I think not.    I got out of advertising for a short time and prior to that was stuck in an advertising business that was still dreaming of when they were THE way to advertise.  My, what a rude awakening it was to come back and find out, just in a few short years, the business has completely changed. Advertising/marketing, once dominated with “sales” guys is now dominated by a bunch of 20-30 somethings that look at analytical data all day.  Don’t get me wrong, I still think advertising and marketing needs a “sales” guy/gal.  Someone with that big idea that can be communicated.  However, if you aren’t thinking analytics today, you are going to be left out in the cold. Targeted advertising/marketing is where it is at and then message content to appeal to that specific client.   It’s a big leap for most “old timers”.  One where in the early days you got burned by the newspaper guy or the yellowpages gal because they had the latest and greatest “digital” solution.  Problem was, they were sales people, not analytics people. You need both.  Fortunately, most agencies have figured this out and now have the resident geek(s) on staff.

Finally, I know most of you business owners and leaders don’t have a lot of spare time, but I highly recommend having that Monday morning meeting with your sales staff.  They are typically that 20-30 something and have a tremendous handle on how it all works today.  Get their input, it just might change your bottom line…for the better.